Río Piedras


Río Piedras is a town in the Metán department, it belongs to the "Sendero Gaucho" and is 115 km (1h) from the City of Salta.

Near the town is the site of the ancient city of Nuestra Señora de Talavera or Esteco, founded by Spaniards in 1566 and disappeared during the earthquakes of 1692 that gave rise to the Miracle Procession.

In 2013 CONICET archaeologists, students from the Universities of La Plata and Salta, discovered and began to unearth the city that had an extension of 49 blocks and housed just over 60 thousand inhabitants in its limits. According to the records, this city was the most important in the NOA in those years. In September, Río Piedras celebrates its patron saint festivities in honor of the Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle.

The nature of the area offers the opportunity to carry out adventure activities, such as trekking, horseback riding and fishing in nearby places. Adventure lovers can enjoy different activities in the vegetation floors and observe a great variety of birds and other characteristic animals such as the taruca or Andean deer, declared a natural monument because it is in danger of extinction.